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Lifeblood Flow

This song is by Midnight Juggernauts and appears on the album The Crystal Axis (2010).

Who burnt the bridges down
They all fell so fast
The links between our futures and our past
All the games you used to play
Have been lost and blown away
Still we always hope we've saved the best till last.

Who clipped those broken wings
Once quick to mend
You always thought those days would never end
Now the warmth you used to feel
Has withdrawn the means to heal
And you can't know what is real and what's pretend.

Chase the light, let your lifeblood flow
Who knows where the road will end
Forge on before it's gone for ever
Hold on until we're born again

Where'd all the Spirit go
Who stole the sun
Remember how you'd circle through till dawn
Now the life you used to breath
Has been seized by memory
And the dreams that came to be have drifted on...


Written by:

Midnight Juggernauts

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