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Blues for the Lost Days

This song is by Mick Taylor.

Looking back through the years
Like I got myself a time machine
Memories flood around me
People and places where I've been
I had the blues for the lost days
Back then when times were lean

From a home in the country with the blues
On my wind-up gramophone
Headin' out to the city
Movin' round like a rollin' stone
With a band of blues breakers
Make a mark down here on my own

We had Freddie King, Sonny Boy and Hendrix
And they'd be sitting in till the break of dawn
Sweating at the all night Flamingo
And comin' out to pigeons on a Sunday morn
So many good times, so much music
But back then nobody knew
That the London blues were born

It's a sad, sad feeling
When your best friends all drift apart
Some of them are dead and gone
But they still live on in my heart
That's why I have the blues for the lost days
There ain't never gonna be no counterpart

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