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L Bird

This song is by Michael Trent and appears on the album The Winner (2010).

Little bird, don't stop singing
If it gets too quiet my ears start ringing loud
Ooh so loud
Little bird, hold my heart
Your melody can tear me apart
Little bird, hold my soul
Your little song is bigger than you know

Well old dirt road, keep on winding
'Cause a clear sideline's halfway blindin'
I'd rather wait, rather wait, than just find out
Yeah old dirt road, keep windin' round
I'm content to just be bound
Yeah old dirt road, do what you do
I'm happy just followin' you

Well cigarette, don't stop burning
Just when our conversation's turning round
Well you just go out
I guess smoking one hundreds would be fine
If just to buy a little time
Yeah man I guess smokin' those things would be okay
If just to stretch the time you stay

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