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Whatever Happened To Melody

This song is by Michael Feinstein and appears on the album Forever (1993).

Whatever happened to melody?
Sweet, old-fashioned melody.
Roses and ribbons and romance and rhyme,
Songs about two hearts, In three-quarter time.
Once there movies with stars who were stars.
Where oh where can they be?
And why aren't there heroes like yesterday's heroes?
And whatever happened to melody?
Gene Tunney, Joe Louis,
Ah those were fighters!
Not like the pipsqueaks they palm off today,
Hemingway, Steinbeck,
Now those were writers!
With style and with substance, and something to say.
Garbo and Gable, Franklin D. Roosevelt,
I could go on and on.
Babe Ruth, Bogie, Gershwin,.. and Hoagie.
Ah what's the use? They're gone... All gone.
Whatever happened to melody,
Who stole all the poetry?
Posies and picnics and walks in the wood,
Hammocks and hay rides, are they gone for good?
Whatever happened to just holding hands?
'Neath the old apple tree?
Gone is the magic, and speaking of magic...
Whatever happened to you and me?

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