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Love Can Change The Stars

This song is by Michael Feinstein and appears on the album Sings The Hugh Martin Songbook (1995).

Adam Shaw, Sagittarius
Birthday, November 26
Athena Malvain, Aquarius
We two will never mix

Sagittarians are fickle, untrue
Up to, typical, masculine tricks
Aquarians are constant, like you
So, we're in an awful fix

I have the Sun and Saturn
You have the moon in your arms
Beware, this ill starred pattern
I'll forget you if I'm wise

But a man in love is never wise
Sometimes he even defies the skies

Love can change the stars
Whenever it's strong enough
Believe in it long enough
It will happen, somehow

Rearrange the stars
Love gives us the power for it
Remember the hour for it, is now

So, darling, even when we're apart
Take my hand in your arm
Keep me locked in your heart
And I won't be alone

Soon, we'll kiss and stars will fade in the mist, for me
They'll only exist for me
If they shine in your arms

When two hearts are entwined
Venus waltz's with Mars
Hand in hand, we will find
Love can change the stars


Written by:

Ralph Blane; Hugh Martin

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