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Face The Light

This song is by Michael Card and appears on the album First Light (1981).

Michael Card
There's a force in the dark that's waiting for you
And it's telling your heart what it wants to do
But the light is there and it wants to shine through
You never know how dark it is inside till you
Face the light, don't stumble in the darkness
Face the light, see how dark your heart is
Face the light, never see the shadows
Only face the light
Face the light, don't know how much you need Him
Face the light, just turn around and see Him
Face the light, He'll take away the darkness
Only face the light
There are just two ways and you better choose right
You can die in the dark or you can live in the light
One is the Way, the Truth, the Life
The other's dark and never leads to home
Won't you

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