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Vol. 1 1937-1938 (1994)

Merline Johnson - Vol. 1 1937-1938

Vol. 1 1937-1938

  1. New Muddy Water Blues
  2. He Roars Like a Lion
  3. I'm Leavin' You
  4. My Baby Left Me
  5. Pallet on the Floor
  6. Mean Mistreatin' Daddy
  7. Sold It to the Devil
  8. Grandpa and Grandma
  9. I'd Rather Be Drinking Muddy Water, No. 2
  10. Blues Everywhere
  11. Working on the Project
  12. I Drink Good Whiskey
  13. Patrol Wagon Blues
  14. Got a Man in the 'Bamma Mines
  15. Jackass for Sale
  16. You Got to Pay
  17. My Independent Man
  18. He May Be Your Man
  19. New Drinking My Blues Away
  20. Crime Don't Pay
  21. Please Come Back to Me (Take 5)
  22. Love Shows Weakness (Take 4)
  23. About My Time to Check
  24. Squeeze Me Tight
  25. Jelly Bean Blues
  26. My Man Is Gone

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Other Songs

  1. Black Gypsy Blues

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Artist information:

b.1912, d.unknown

Also known as:

The Yas Yas GirlYas Yas Girl

Years active:


Merline Johnson was a member of:

  • Yas Yas Girl and Her Jazz Boys


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