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Seashores Of Old Mexico

This song is by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson and appears on the album Seashores Of Old Mexico (1987).

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Seashores Of Old Mexico
We left out of Tucson with no destination in mind
We were runnin' from trouble and the jail-term the Judge had in mind
And the border meant freedom, a new life and romance
And that's why we thought we should go
And start our life over on the seashores of old Mexico

Our first night in Juarez we lost all the money we had
One bad señorita made use of two innocent lads
But we must keep on runnin' it's too late to turn back
And we're wanted in Tucson we know
And things'll blow over on the seashores of old Mexico

Two Mexican farmers en route to a town I can't say
Let us ride on the back of a flatbed half-loaded with hay
Down through Durango, Colima, Almiera
Then in the Manzanillos
Where we slept in the sunshine on the seashores of old Mexico

After one long siesta we came wide awake in the night
We was startled by someone who shadowed the pale ole moonlight
Our new-found companion, one young señorita
Who offered a broken hello
To the gringo she found on the seashores of old Mexico

She spoke of Sonora and swore that she'd never return
For her Mexican husband she really had no great concern
But she loved the gringo, my red hair and lingo
And that's all that I needed to know
Yeah, we found what we needed on the seashores of old Mexico


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