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Texas Fiddle Song

This song is by Merle Haggard and appears on the album Big City (1981).

I get this going fever every time I hear a tune
That talks about South Texas where the cactus is in bloom
I feel I oughta be there every evening after dark
To hear the fiddler fiddlin' around a tune called "Old Joe Clark"

We played that show in Tulsa then it was Fort Worth bound
We headed south on 35 to that South Texas town
It's a different world and a lot of fun if you like that country sound
You can find yourself a partner when they boil that cabbage down

Well, if you're ever down in Texas and feeling all alone
There's a lot of kicker places just south of San Antone
Ain't nothin' fancy mind ya just a place where good folks go
You can hear the bootheels start to click when they play the "Cotton Eyed Joe"


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