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Live album by Merle Haggard.
Merle Haggard - Okie From Muskogee

Alt. cover

  • With The Strangers
  1. Introduction To "Okie From Muskogee"
  2. Mama Tried
  3. No Hard Times
  4. Silver Wings
  5. Merle Receives Key to Muskogee
  6. Merle's Introduction to Medley
  7. Swinging Doors
  8. I'm a Lonesome Fugitive
  9. Sing Me Back Home
  10. Branded Man
  11. In The Arms Of Love
  12. Workin' Man Blues
  13. Merle's Introduction to "Hobo Bill"
  14. Hobo Bill's Last Ride
  15. Billy Overcame His Size
  16. If I Had Left It Up to You
  17. White Line Fever
  18. Blue Rock
  19. Introduction to Okie from Muskogee
  20. Okie From Muskogee

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