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Sugar Daddy

This song is by Mercy Dee and appears on the compilation Blues Roots (1969).

Well they call me ugar daddy
Bec ause I'm the softet touch in town
Good looking womens can get my last quarter
I'll be a chaser till I'm in the ground

They call me a chump and say I'm crazy
But they just don't understand
But I can't take it with me people
I'm gonna have my kicks whille I can

I ain't ashamed to confess it
I'll always wear the sugar daddy name
I'll run my hand in my pockect so often
I done wear holes in all my pants

Sometimes I get so thrilled and excited
Holding some fine chick in my arm
Then I get sad thinking about some foolish batchelors
Whose money will be spent after he is long gone


Written by:

Jan Jr. Hammer; Stephan Dietrich

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