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This song is by Memphis Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson I and Big Bill Broonzy and appears on the compilation Alan Lomax: Popular Songbook (2003).

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I remember when I was a little boy, sitting on my mothers' knees
She often taught me the story about that bad man Stagolee
She said son, he was a bad man, he's the baddest man I know
Well he killed Billy Lyons, blue steel forty-four

It was late last night, but I heard my bulldog bark
Stagolee and Billy Lyons quarrelling in the dark

(Incomprehensible) for Billy Lyons all up and down Myron street
Poor boy was bloody from his head down to his feet
Stagolee told Miss Billy Lyons: you don't believe your man is dead
Why don't you look around the corner see what a hole he has in his head

Tom devil he asked his daughter who can this bad man be
Said must've been a bad fella called Stagolee



March 2, 1947, by Alan Lomax; NYC, NY


  • Memphis Slim: vocal, piano
  • John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson: harmonica
  • Big Bill Broonzy: upright bass

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