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Pig Meat On The Line

This song is by Memphis Minnie and appears on the compilation album Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order 1935-1941, Volume 5 (1991) and on the compilation album Queen of the Blues (1997).

Is anybody seen my pig meat on the line?
Oh ho, ho, pig meat on the line
Say he worry me so I just can't keep from cryin'

Gettin' late in the evening and the sun is sinking down
Oh ho, ho, the sun is sinking down
Lonesome without my pig meat, wonder where he could be found

He left me peepin' all through my window blinds
Oh ho, ho, through my window blinds
Don't nothin' suit me like that pig meat daddy of mine

Now peoples if you see him, please tell him this one thing
Oh ho, ho, please tell him this one thing
If he don't come tomorrow, please give poor me a ring

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