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Frankie Jean (That Trottin' Fool)

This song is by Memphis Minnie and appears on the album Vol. 2 Early Recordings (1967) by Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy and on the compilation The Roots of Rap: Classic Recordings From the 1920's and 30's (1996).

One time my papa had a horse, his name was Frankie Jean
Man, that's the running'est horse the world I ever seen
And it just do me good to ride old Frankie Jean
And it do you good to sit and listen at him sometimes
When he's coming down that plank road, almost making his feet talk
Man, that's the singlest-footing horse the world I ever seen
Something kind of like this

Go on, Frankie Jean, go on
I had him out with me once and he got loose
I couldn't catch him to save my life
I called Frankie Jean and I called him
He didn't seem to pay me no mind
I went and told my papa, "How would you do if you want to catch a horse?"
He said, "How did you do?"
I said, "I called mine; called Frankie Jean and called him
He didn't seem to pay me no attention"
Said, "That's a horse, you can't, you didn't call him right
You must whistle when you want your horse to come to you
Something like this

Then he come single-footing to me
So I took him out again; he got loose from me
I called him and called him
He didn't seem to pay me no attention
I thought about what papa said
You's a horse, I must whistle for you, something like this

Then he comes single-footing to me
I had him out on a race once
I had five thousand dollars betting on Frankie Jean
Folks, I wasn't scared at all, 'cause I know he wasn't going to let me lose
'Fore he let me lose, he'd run off all of his shoes
Something like this

Go on, Frankie Jean

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