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Compilation album by Memphis Minnie.
  1. I Hate to See the Sun Go Down
  2. As Long as I Can See You Smile
  3. Has Anyone Seen My Man?
  4. Good Biscuits
  5. I've Been Treated Wrong
  6. Keep on Walking
  7. Keep on Eatin'
  8. I'd Rather See Him Dead
  9. Diggin' My Potatoes (featuring Little Son Joe)
  10. ABC Blues (featuring Little Son Joe)
  11. Bone Yard Blues (featuring Little Son Joe)
  12. My Black Buffalo (featuring Little Son Joe)
  13. Tuff Luck Blues (featuring Little Son Joe)
  14. Key to the World (featuring Little Son Joe)
  15. Black Widow Stinger
  16. Good Soppin'
  17. Poor and Wandering Woman Blues
  18. Bad Outside Friends
  19. Worried Baby Blues
  20. Call the Fire Wagon
  21. Low Down Man Blues
  22. Don't Lead My Baby Wrong
  23. Keep Your Big Mouth Closed

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