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Opus One

This song is by Mel Tormé.

I'm racking my brains to think of a name
To give to this tune so Perry can croon
And maybe old Bing will give it a fling
And that'll start everyone humming this thing
The melody's done, repeat and repeat
And if you can swing, it's got a good beat
And that's the main thing to make it complete
'Cause everyone's a-swinging today

So we called it Opus One
It's not for Sammy Kaye, hey, hey, hey
It's Opus One, it's good to swing that sway, baby!

If Mr Les Browne can make it renown
And Ray Anthony'll rock it for me
There's never a doubt, you'll knock yourself out
Whenever you can hear Opus One


So they call it Opus One
Come on, latch on and jump, hey, hey, hey
It's Opus One, come on, latch on and jump, oh-oh-ooh, baby!


Opus One

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