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I'm Nothing Without You (You're Nothing Without Me)

This song is by Mel Tormé.

'M nothing without you
Without you I lack what it takes
Unless we're combined
I have half a mind
To blow all my chances and breaks

Without you I'm bumpkins
A flop who keeps dropping the ball
It's time to stop quaking
Start taking the lead
And you are the singular buddy I need

I'm nothing without you
Without you I'm nothing

Let's give this a Hollywood ending!

I'm nothing without you

No hero

A zero

That's me

With you by my side

There's no better guide

On how to be all I can be

I'm nowhere without you
To doubt you is where I went wrong

The script calls for fusing and using our smarts
(As STINE, STONE and GABBY get on the crane platform:)
And greatness can come from the sum of our parts
(The entire company joins in)

From now and with on I'm with you
You is where I belong

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