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Heart Over Mind (1962)

Mel Tillis - Heart Over Mind

Heart Over Mind

  1. Heart Over Mind
  2. I Ain't Never
  3. Ten Thousand Drums
  4. No Love Have I
  5. I'm Tired
  6. Tupelo County Jail
  7. Mary Don't You Weep
  8. Holiday For Love
  9. Shanghied
  10. Thousand Miles Ago
  11. Emotions
  12. One More Time

Stateside (1966)

Mel Tillis - Stateside


  1. Guide Me Home My Georgia Moon
  2. Stateside
  3. Burning Memories
  4. Home Is Where The Hurt Is
  5. Wine
  6. I Love You Drops
  7. Mental Revenge
  8. Come On And Sing
  9. Tormented Heart
  10. Buried Alive
  11. Above Suspicion
  12. Mr. Dropout

Life Turned Her That Way (1967)

Mel Tillis - Life Turned Her That Way

Life Turned Her That Way

  1. Life Turned Her That Way (cover of "Life Turned Her That Way" by Little Jimmy Dickens)
  2. If I Could Only Start Over
  3. World (What Have I Done)
  4. Walking on New Grass
  5. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town (cover of "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" by Johnny Darrell)
  6. Sweet Thang (cover of "Sweet Thang" by Nat Stuckey)
  7. I Could Never Be Ashamed of You (cover of "I Could Never Be Ashamed of You" by Hank Williams)
  8. Unmitigated Gal
  9. Right Back in Your Arms Again
  10. That's Where My Money Goes
  11. Old Gang's Gone
  12. Alone with You

Mr. Mel (1967)

Mel Tillis - Mr. Mel

Mr. Mel

  1. Goodbye Wheeling
  2. All The Time
  3. Poison Love
  4. At The Sight Of You
  5. My Ramblin' Boy
  6. Honky Tonkin'
  7. Survival Of The Fittest
  8. Shine Shine Shine
  9. Not Once But A Hundred Times
  10. Night Train To Memphis
  11. Down Came The World
  12. Tom Dooley

Let Me Talk to You (1968)

Mel Tillis - Let Me Talk to You

Let Me Talk to You

  1. Let Me Talk To You
  2. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew
  3. Branded Man
  4. You Name It
  5. Please Let Me Have You
  6. All Right (I'll Sign The Papers)
  7. Okeechobee Ocean
  8. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
  9. Something Special
  10. Looking For A Home
  11. Missing You
  12. Your Kind Of Living

Something Special (1968)

Mel Tillis - Something Special

Something Special

  1. Destroyed By Man
  2. Another Bridge To Burn
  3. Normally Norma Loves Me
  4. I Haven't Seen Mary In Years
  5. Old Faithful
  6. Son Of A Bum
  7. Something Special
  8. Lonely Girl
  9. Can You Build Your House
  10. Am I Locking Someone In
  11. I Lived So Fast And Hard

Who's Julie? (1969)

Mel Tillis - Who's Julie-

Who's Julie?

  1. My Special Angel
  2. Detroit City
  3. Carroll County Accident
  4. Yours Love
  5. Daddy Sang Bass
  6. Love Ain't Gonna Die
  7. Who's Julie
  8. Sorrow Overtakes The Wine
  9. Kaw-Liga
  10. That's Not Home
  11. Ballad Of Forty Dollars

Mel Tillis Sings "Old Faithful" (1969)

Mel Tillis - Mel Tillis Sings "Old Faithful"

Mel Tillis Sings "Old Faithful"

  1. Games People Play
  2. Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn
  3. Heartaches By The Number
  4. Good Deal Lucille
  5. Give Me One More Day
  6. I'm Gonna Marry Nell
  7. Old Faithful
  8. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  9. Where Love Has Died
  10. Cover Mama's Flowers
  11. Crazy Arms

She'll Be Hanging 'Round Somewhere (1970)

Mel Tillis - She'll Be Hanging 'Round Somewhere

She'll Be Hanging 'Round Somewhere

  1. Memories Made This House
  2. Your Mother's Eyes
  3. Twelve Long Stem Roses
  4. On The Way Lord
  5. What's The Use In Just Me Trying
  6. Heart Over Mind
  7. She'll Be Hanging Round Somewhere
  8. Lingering Memories
  9. At The Sight Of You
  10. Sweet Mary And The Miles In Between
  11. Sweetest Mistake

One More Time (1970)

Mel Tillis - One More Time

One More Time

  1. One More Time
  2. I Can't Stop Loving You
  3. How You Drink The Wine
  4. Don't It Make You Want to Go Home
  5. Brand New Wrapper
  6. Heaven Everyday
  7. Gonna Burn Some Bridges
  8. (Is Anybody Going To) San Antone
  9. Welcome To My World
  10. Veil Of White Lace

The Arms of a Fool/Commercial Affection (1971)

Mel Tillis - The Arms of a Fool-Commercial Affection

The Arms of a Fool/Commercial Affection

  1. Commercial Affection
  2. Wine Me Up
  3. Cling To Me
  4. Water The Family Tree
  5. I Thought About You
  6. Arms Of A Fool
  7. Before I Met You
  8. I'm Tired
  9. Let Forgiveness In
  10. All I Ever Wanted To Do

Living and Learning/Take My Hand (1971)

Mel Tillis - Living and Learning-Take My Hand

Living and Learning/Take My Hand

  1. Take My Hand
  2. Anything's Better Than Nothing
  3. Life's Little Suprises
  4. In The Vine
  5. Back To Life
  6. Living And Learning
  7. Then It Will All Be Over
  8. Tangled Vines
  9. What Money Can't Buy
  10. After The Fire Is Gone

I Ain't Never (1972)

Mel Tillis - I Ain't Never

I Ain't Never

  1. I Ain't Never
  2. Best Way I Know How
  3. One More Time
  4. It's My Love (And I'm Gonna Give It)
  5. Sweetest Tie
  6. Neon Rose
  7. Memory Maker
  8. I Talked About You All Over Town
  9. Over The Hill
  10. I Keep Looking Back

Stomp Them Grapes (1974)

Mel Tillis - Stomp Them Grapes

Stomp Them Grapes

  1. Midnight, Me And The Blues
  2. Scarlet Wings
  3. Amanda
  4. Hang My Picture In Your Heart
  5. If There Were No Memories
  6. Stomp Them Grapes
  7. My Side Of Life
  8. Somebody Give Luck A Drink
  9. Second Best
  10. The Last Time

Let's Go All The Way Tonight (1974)

  1. Let's Go All The Way Tonight
  2. I See Heaven In You
  3. You Are The One
  4. Mr. Right And Mrs. Wrong
  5. Just Two Strangers Passing In The Night
  6. They'll Never Break The Chains
  7. Stand Beside Me Behind Me
  8. Why Not Do The Things
  9. Don't Let Go
  10. Happyville

The Best Way I Know How (1975)

Mel Tillis - The Best Way I Know How

The Best Way I Know How

  1. Best Way I Know How
  2. Kissing Your Picture (Is So Cold)
  3. You Only Think Of Me
  4. Uncle Pen
  5. Honey Dew Melon
  6. Woman In The Back Of My Mind
  7. I Always Come Back To Loving You
  8. Happy Anniversary
  9. Moanin' The Blues
  10. Dear Love

Loves Troubled Waters (1975)

Mel Tillis - Loves Troubled Waters

Loves Troubled Waters

  1. What Did I Promise Her Last Night
  2. Saturday Music
  3. Woman You Should Be In Movies
  4. It's Been A Long Time
  5. I Got The Hoss
  6. Tonkin'
  7. Legend In My Mind
  8. Then I'm Going Home
  9. Working Woman
  10. Do You Wanna Fly Woman

Mr. Entertainer (1979)

Mel Tillis - Mr. Entertainer

Mr. Entertainer

  1. Cottonmouth
  2. Friends
  3. What Do You Do When Your Love Is Gone
  4. Tonight I Saw Three People
  5. Jump Shout Boogie
  6. Coca Cola Cowboy
  7. Babe, It's Your Memory
  8. Oh, Lonesome Me
  9. Night Is The Longest Time Of The Day
  10. Proof Of My Love

Me and Pepper (1979)

Mel Tillis - Me and Pepper

Me and Pepper

  1. Blind In Love
  2. Black Jack, Water Back
  3. Lying Time Again
  4. This Is Me
  5. All My Love
  6. Uphill All The Way
  7. I'm Sorry
  8. Let Me Be The Keeper
  9. Fooled Around And Fell In Love
  10. You Threw Away The Mold

After All This Time (1983)

Mel Tillis - After All This Time

After All This Time

  1. After All This Time
  2. A Cowboy's Dream
  3. I'll Take As Much Of You As I Can Get
  4. In The Middle Of The Night
  5. Even At Her Worst
  6. Rain
  7. A Matter Of Wine
  8. Try It Again
  9. She Meant Forever When She Said Goodbye
  10. Mason Dixon Lines

California Road (1985)

Mel Tillis - California Road

California Road

  1. California Road
  2. We've Had Some Good Times
  3. One More Time
  4. Diggin' Up Bones
  5. Another She's Leaving Song
  6. Rose Of El Paso
  7. You Done Me Wrong
  8. She Still Burns
  9. He Loves Lucy
  10. Another Heart Down

Greatest Hits (1991)

Mel Tillis - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

  1. Coca-Cola Cowboy
  2. I Believe In You
  3. Good Woman Blues
  4. New Patches
  5. Southern Rains
  6. Your Body Is An Outlaw
  7. Blind In Love
  8. Lying Time Again
  9. Heaven Someday
  10. Commercial Affection
  11. Sawmill
  12. Tall Drink Of Water
  13. How Bad Do You Want To Be Good
  14. Midnight Love

The Great Mel Tillis Sings Walk on Boy and Other Great Country Hits (1994)

Mel Tillis - The Great Mel Tillis Sings Walk on Boy and Other Great Country Hits

The Great Mel Tillis Sings Walk on Boy and Other Great Country Hits

  1. Walk On Boy
  2. Worried Man Blues
  3. Lonely Street
  4. Violet And A Rose
  5. If I Lost Your Love
  6. Hearts Of Stone
  7. Brooklyn Bridge
  8. Loco Weed
  9. You Are The Reason
  10. Jukebox Man

Songs on Soundtracks

Other Songs

  1. Ain't No California
  2. Charlie's Angel
  3. How Come Your Dog Don't Bite Nobody But Me
  4. Live In My Heart
  5. One More Drink
  6. Southern Rain
  7. Stay A Little Longer
  8. Texas On A Saturday Night
  9. These Lonely Hands Of Mine
  10. Too Lonely Too Long

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