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Star Wranglers

This song is by Mega Colossus and appears on the album HyperGlaive (2016).

Who are these grizzled souls fallen from the sky
In ancient craft of legend
Myths from old days come alive out of time
Travelers bring salvation

We comb the skies...
For stars long gone...
We pay the price of passing time and sanity
We bring you singularities

A lifetime ago out there, many ages here
Civilization failing
Bade farewell, pledged to bring the sky's power
To satisfy mankind's craving

Man was doomed to vanquish earth consuming all too freely
We went forth to search for power to avert dark ages

But something went wrong
All satellites gone
Where is the means
To harvest our bounty

We have no such gadgetry here
We know not what lies out past the air
Science and history some say it's a lie

What year is it anyway?
The world is in such decay
Too late we have arrived...
We could have saved the world

Legend has it
Our ancestors possessed the
Power to harness the
Death of a sun
And deliver to the energy
To everyone 'twas a dream...
So outlandish did it seem

But that was ages ago
Descended to rage and war
Fighting for water
For resources scarce
Our fathers failed us...
Where were you all this time?

Moving stars is not so easy, dragging mountains before them
Time distorted minds and bodies we became what you see
Tattered and worn...
Time travel torn...
Gone is the place
We once called our home

The means to achieve most anything
Stay alive and you will have it one day
We'll help you to use these dark stars
They're in the skies... use them wisely

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