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Betta Master

This song is by Mega Colossus and appears on the album HyperGlaive (2016).

Through the ages
I've known a thousand worlds
Each shattered moment mine a lie

Roll the dice
Take it all away again
When am I allowed to die?

A billion lifetimes
From the dawn of infinity
Cruelty happiness and hate

They flayed me, drowned me
Betrayed me and crowned me
Which was worse I cannot say

The fear, the pain, the curse of immortality
Runs deep, runs cold, runs flowing through my veins
Once more I begin a journey through time and space
And then the light is here. And then it all is clear.

I was a god
A billion souls enslaved
But here I am right now encaged

So bizarre
THe fate that has led me here
Will this be the end for me?

I can't get out
No way to shout
Will this water cage
Be my final grave?

These lives I've lived
Each death a cruel formality
And so I wait and long for my sweet end

Although I dream of blissful black eternity
I know I'll live a billion lifetimes more

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