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I Like It

This song is by Meek Mill and features Mac Miller.

(Hook: Meek Mill)
I was fucked up, but bitch I'm back
I wasn't in the club ho 'cause I was in the trap
I see you show me love, you ain't like when I was down
Now, I'm stuntin' on them hoes bitch, how you like me now. bitch?
How you like me now?
I tell 'em how you like me now?
'Cause I be shinin' like a diamond, I got money in my pocket
I don't even have to press, I see it, like it, I'ma cop it, oh!
I see it, like it, I'ma cop it, oh!

(Verse 1: Meek Mill)
I see it, like it, I'ma cop it, nigga, what's the topic?
Started from the bottom, now, I really got it poppin'
See these bitches in my section, they just wanna ride it
Same hoes that fronted back, they want it, now I got it
'Cause I'm ballin', I'm talking Spaldin'
Rollie on my wrist, flooded like New Orleans
A nigga buzzin' now, I'm talking hornets
'Cause I murder all my enemies, stretch my opponents
Microphone killer, tell em' Mac Miller
Zombies in my neighborhood, shit is like Thriller
And I'm Mike Jackson 'cause I'm they dealer
In my zipped-up jacket and my neck on chiller
Going hard is gettin' scary, I swear it's gettin' scary
I put mirror tint all on this ghost and screamin' Bloody Mary
So when you see me Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
A nigga play around with me, he get fuckin' buried

(Hook: Meek Mill)

(Verse 2: Mac Miller)
Comin' through the city, up in Philly, out with Meek
Make a hunnit every week so now I'm stuntin' like a Sheikh
And we do this shit for PA, we do this shit for PA
How I use to get it dirty, now my money come the clean way
Blindfold on me, doing 100 down the freeway
Till I'm driving off the cliff, just to fly and take a trip
Bitch, I came right out that circus shit, youngin' but I'm learning quick
Murder this, burn your kids, then call up child services
And they ain't even gotta ask, they know that Mac workin'
Act certain, smoke a fuckin' beat like it's a Nat Sherman
Go ahead and hand me a rapper
I'ma chew his ass up like he a animal cracker
I might rip your hands off, slap you in the face with 'em
Spit straight venom, give you bars like it's a state prison
Yeah, I'm still scruffy, gettin' money
Got all these writers mad 'cause they daughters wanna fuck me

(Hook: Meek Mill)

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