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Freshman Freestyle

This song is by Meek Mill.

I ain't a killer but don't push me
I look a sucker in his eyes tell ya if he p-ssy
Remember winter times, the people would overlook me
The bitches would try to play me, my future was looking shady
Wanted to be a star, they locked me behind bars
Tried to shatter my dreams, I tell ya, them times hard
I ain't never give up, I hustled, I grind hard
Put my faith in God I know I?ma shine hard

I had no choice but to win
But the odds was against me so I'm rolling through this bitch with my palms on the semi

My dad died when I was young so my mom would defend me
My sister would protect me
Now the main n-ggas respect me
Had to learn to be a man
Learn to hold my hands
Learn to work that scale, turn them ounces into grams
Learn to work that tool, stack this money and feed the fam
Now I'm the best thing since Africa when felon hit the land?

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