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First Of All

This song is by Meek Mill and appears on the mixtape Flamers (2008).

(Verse 1: Meek Mill)
First of all I wanna say is free my nigga Lil
And free my nigga Rick
They gave my nigga wills
When they told me I was locked up I was in the cell
And just thoughts of doin' life gave a nigga chills
Damn, long rise to the mountains
I heard a nigga soul make you wanna cry fountains
But you can't
Cause your pride won't let you when you drownin'
So much pain can't explain it or pronounce it
So you hold it like a soldier never foldin'
And daydreamin' on the day you make it home but never knowin'
When them crackers gon' let you free
Take off them chains and just let you be
Let you breathe, I get a deal
You know you get appeal
Hundred-thousand dolla lawyers rumblin' for real
So many laws lie fumbled in the field
Turned over to the system either that or they was killed
Man I don't hustle 'cause I wanna shit I have to
I fell in love with the streets I lost my dad too
At a early age, man I was doin' shit to lead me to a early grave
Or put me in the cage
'Cause I ain't know that the world turns slow
And time flys by you fast tryna ride till you crash
I said I couldn't pick a side good or bad 'cause bein' bad felt good and bein' good ain't the cash
Runnin' in the streets got my mama goin' crazy
Hangin' out south philly where my daddy ain't make it
Shit I was only five and I was mad I couldn't quake it
To catch a nigga slippin like a taurus transmission
Man listen, the streets that I come from black
A nigga take one of your's then you come to him strapped
With ya gat, no rappin' lay 'em all on the floor
Squeeze the trigga and let all of 'em off
See look you got the fiends on the corner
Lookin' like zombies
Crack babies in the window lookin' for they mommy
Youngin' he was only 19 he got hommy
Yesterday they left him in the streets brain soggy
Cause where I'm from we die young
Ride or pride live by the gun

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