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Howl My Soul

This song is by Medical Mission Sisters and appears on the album Joy Is Like The Rain (1966).

1. Howl, you, for the Day of the Lord is near.
Howl, my soul, for the Day of the Lord is here.
Let ev'ry knee be bent and ev'ry head be bowed,
For He will come like thunder tearing up the cloud.
Howl, my soul, tremble, my soul, in fear.

2. Weep, you, for he comes to judge the land.
Weep, my soul, for none but the just shall stand.
He will come in a whirlwind to uproot the trees,
Yet He will rock my soul as the gentle breeze.
Weep, my soul, for the judgment is at hand.

3. Sing, you, for the Lord was born of men.
Sing, my soul, for the Lord returns again.
He will breathe new spirit into old dry bones
Trade a heart of flesh for a heart of stone.
Sing, my soul, sing my soul: Amen.

4. Peace, you, there's no need to be afraid.
Peace, my soul, for He knows of what you're made.
Though mountains crumble when He bares His breast,
In the crook of His arm I will lie to rest.
Peace, my soul, it is the moment for which you've prayed.

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