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  1. Suite in C
       including Turnham Green, Here I Am and others
  2. Flight of the Ibis
  3. Is She Waiting?
  4. Tomorrow's People – the Children of Today
  5. Birdman; involving:
The Inventor's Dream (O.U.A.T)
The Workshop
Wishbone Ascension
Birdman Flies!
Wings in the Sunset
Birdman – The Reflection


  • Ian McDonald: guitar, piano, organ, saxes, flute, clarinet, zither, vocals and sundries.
  • Michael Giles: drums, percussion (including milk bottle, handsaw, lip whistle and nut box), vocals.
  • Peter Giles: bass guitar.
  • Steve Winwood: organ and piano solo on Turnham Green.
  • Michael Blakesley: trombone on Tomorrow's People.
  • Mike Gray: string and brass arrangements on Suite in C and Birdman.

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