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Mavis Staples (1969)

Mavis Staples - Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples

  1. Until I Met You
  2. Sweet Things You Do
  3. The Choking Kind
  4. You're Driving Me (to the Arms of a Stranger)
  5. A House Is Not a Home
  6. Security
  7. Son of a Preacher Man
  8. Pick Up the Pieces
  9. Chained
  10. Good to Me
  11. You Send Me

Only For The Lonely (1970)

Mavis Staples - Only For The Lonely

Only For The Lonely

  1. I Have Learned to Do Without You
  2. How Many Times
  3. Endlessly
  4. You're the Fool
  5. Since I Fell For You
  6. What Happened to the Real Me
  7. Since You Became a Part of My Life
  8. It Makes Me Wanna Cry
  9. Don't Change Me Now

Time Waits For No One (1989)

Mavis Staples - Time Waits For No One

Time Waits For No One

  1. Interesting
  2. 20th Century Express
  3. Come Home
  4. Jaguar
  5. Train
  6. The Old Songs
  7. I Guess I'm Crazy
  8. Time Waits For No One

The Voice (1993)

Mavis Staples - The Voice

The Voice

  1. The Voice
  2. House in Order
  3. Blood Is Thicker Than Time
  4. You Will Be Moved
  5. All Because of You
  6. Undertaker
  7. Melody Cool
  8. Kain't Turn Back
  9. I'll Be Right There
  10. A Man Called Jesus
  11. Why
  12. Positivity

Have A Little Faith (2004)

Mavis Staples - Have A Little Faith

Have A Little Faith

  1. Step Into the Light
  2. Pops Recipe
  3. Have a Little Faith
  4. God Is Not Sleeping
  5. A Dying Man's Plea
  6. Ain't No Better Than You
  7. I Wanna Thank You
  8. I Still Believe in You
  9. At The End of the Day
  10. There's a Devil on the Loose
  11. In Times Like These
  12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken

We'll Never Turn Back (2007)

Mavis Staples - We'll Never Turn Back

We'll Never Turn Back

  1. Down in Mississippi
  2. Eyes on the Prize
  3. We Shall Not Be Moved
  4. In the Mississippi River
  5. On My Way
  6. This Little Light of Mine
  7. 99 and 1/2
  8. My Own Eyes
  9. Turn Me Around
  10. We'll Never Turn Back
  11. I'll Be Rested
  12. Jesus Is on the Main Line

Live: Hope at the Hideout (2008)

Mavis Staples - Live- Hope At The Hideout

Live: Hope at the Hideout

  1. For What It's Worth
  2. Eyes on the Prize
  3. Down in Mississippi
  4. Wade in the Water
  5. Waiting for My Child
  6. This Little Light Of Mine
  7. Why Am I Treated so Bad
  8. Freedom Highway
  9. We Shall Not Be Moved
  10. Circle Intro
  11. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  12. On My Way
  13. I'll Take You There

You Are Not Alone (2010)

Mavis Staples - You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

  1. Don't Knock
  2. You Are Not Alone
  3. Downward Road
  4. In Christ There Is No East or West
  5. Creep Along Moses
  6. Losing You
  7. I Belong to the Band
  8. Last Train
  9. Only the Lord Knows
  10. Wrote a Song for Everyone
  11. We're Gonna Make It
  12. Wonderful Savior
  13. Too Close / On My Way to Heaven

One True Vine (2013)

Mavis Staples - One True Vine

One True Vine

  1. Holy Ghost
  2. Every Step
  3. Can You Get to That
  4. Jesus Wept
  5. Far Celestial Shore
  6. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
  7. Sow Good Seeds
  8. I Like the Things About Me
  9. Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus)
  10. One True Vine

Your Good Fortune (2015) EP

Mavis Staples - Your Good Fortune

Your Good Fortune

  1. Your Good Fortune
  2. Fight
  3. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
  4. Wish I Had Answered

Livin' On A High Note (2016)

Mavis Staples - Livin' On A High Note

Livin' On A High Note

  1. Take Us Back
  2. Love and Trust
  3. If It's a Light
  4. Action
  5. High Note
  6. Don't Cry
  7. Tomorrow
  8. Dedicated
  9. History, Now
  10. One Love
  11. Jesus Lay Down Beside Me
  12. MLK Song

If All I Was Was Black (2017)

Mavis Staples - If All I Was Was Black

If All I Was Was Black

  1. Little Bit
  2. If All I Was Was Black
  3. Who Told You That
  4. Ain't No Doubt About It
  5. Peaceful Dream
  6. No Time for Crying
  7. Build a Bridge
  8. We Go High
  9. Try Harder
  10. All Over Again

Songs on Soundtracks and Compilations

  1. Men Are Just Like Street Cars (with Natalie Cole and Ruth Brown) from Lightning in a Bottle (2004)

Other Songs

  1. Christmas Vacation
  2. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
  3. Why Can't It Be Like It Used To Be

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Artist information:

  • b.1939
  • Occupations: Singer, songwriter

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