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It Ain't Pretty

This song is by Martina McBride and appears on the album Reckless (2016).

Had a feeling I was feeling all right
It just happened to be Saturday night
I put my lipstick on, a little too bright
Then I took a deep breath and started to drive

They let me in without a cover charge
I found my way to the back of the bar
I peeled the corners off a cocktail napkin
Watching everybody smiling, laughing

I just bought a drink
Downtown all alone
Searching through the names
Getting lost in my cell phone

It ain't pretty
It ain't pretty
When a heartbreaks

Made my way to the bathroom mirror
Standing next to some girl spilling beer
She didn't notice I was drying my tears
Just look at me now
Gotta how to get here

I just kissed a boy and I barely even knew his name
I let him take me by the hand
Hold me close while our old song played

It ain't pretty
It ain't pretty
When a heart breaks

I almost dialed your number
To remind you what you did
But I think it might be better
To just let this night end

I just called a cab
Outside its starting to rain
I got my high heels in my hand
Oh I'm ready for the walk of shame

It ain't pretty
It ain't pretty, no
It ain't pretty
When a heartbreaks

Ain't pretty
When a heart breaks

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