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Sirey (Sierra) Peaks

This song is by Marley's Ghost and appears on the album Four Spacious Guys (1996).

Now way up north in the Sirey Peaks, where the yellowjack pines grow tall,
Old Buster Giggs and Sagebrush Sam had a roundup camp last fall.
Any old calf that sported long ears and didn't brush up by day,
Got his long ears chiseled and old hide sizzled in a most artistic way.

Now Sagebrush Sam says to Buster Giggs as he throwed his long legs down,
"I'm getting tired of topography and I reckon I'll jog to town."
Well he started off at a right smart lope, cause it weren't no sight of a ride.
And them were the days when a good cowpuncher could oil up his insides.

At the old Kentucky Bar they stopped at the head of Whiskey Row.
And they wound up tight, some time that night, some forty drinks below.
Well, the house turned round and they set 'em up and they started them the other way.
Honest to goodness, tell the truth, those boys got drunk that day!

They started back for the Sirey Peaks, just packing up a durned good load.
And who should they meet but the devil himself come a prancing down the road.
And he says, "Doggone, you cowboy skunks, you'd better hunt your holes!
I am the devil from the Hell's Rimrock come to gather up your souls!"

"Well, Devil be damned!" says Buster Giggs, "Us boys is kinda tight!
But before you corral any cowboy souls, you sure have a beautiful fight!"
And he throws his rope and he throws it straight and it spun down good and true.
Then he roped the devil by his pointed horns and he took his dallies, too!

Sagebrush Sam was a lariat man with his gutline coiled up neat.
And he threw out his rope and he punched him a hole and he roped him the devil's hind feet.
And they stretched him out and they lowered him down as the sizzling irons grew hot.
And they cut off his horns with a dehorn saw and they branded him up a lot!

They tied ten knots in the old boy's tail and they left him there for a joke.
With a beller and cough they loped right off snaked up to a blackjack oak.
If you ever go riding in the Sirey Peaks and you hear one hell of a wail,
It's only the devil just a-yowling and a-growling with the knots tied in his tail!

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