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Sometimes I Can't Stop

This song is by Mark Kozelek and Desertshore and appears on the album Mark Kozelek & Desertshore (2013).

Sometimes I can't stop
From puttin' my guitar down
Sometimes I can't help
But to leave it laying around
Sometimes I can't stop
Myself from falling in love
Other times I can't stop
From shuttin' out everyone
Sometimes I can't help
All the wrong I've been dealt
Hitting me all at once
So hard below the belt
Sometimes I can't stop
Waking fearful at night
Sometimes I'm full of worry
Other times I'm alright

Sometimes when it's late
My mind will start to race
Reach to my bedstand
I'll write till the night's end
Then I'll fall asleep
Find an inner peace
When I think of redwing blackbirds
Calling in the trees

Sometimes I can't stop
Hovering black clouds
Nature comes crushing
Taking my brothers down
Sometimes I can't help
What falls out from the sky
Last night I got word
Jason Molina died
Why does the world take
The good ones away
Beatin' them down so much
Puttin' them in their grave
Sometimes I don't know
What it's all about
All they were is songbirds
Who sang their hearts out

All they are is songbirds
Flying tree to tree
Crossing every desert
Crossing every sea
Singin' pretty songs
We applaud and cheer them on
I ain't surprised no more
When another's dead and gone

Another dead and gone
Another dead and gone
Another dead and gone
Another dead and gone

Sometimes I don't know
What's happened to all my friends
I don't hear from them as much
They're all raising children
And I'm still out doin'
Pretty much what I want
I go to bed late
And get up when I get up
It's never been my dream
Swim in the mainstream
We're in a different current
But they're okay with me
And where they are at
I get and understand
I love them and their children
And I'd break my back for them

Sometimes me and my sister
Go out to the river
We bring her lovely daughter
Skip stones across the water
My friends bring their kids over
On the fourth of July
We watch the fireworks
Blowin' up in the sky

Sometimes I can't stop
From goin' out to the mountains
Gettin' out from the city
For the quieter surroundings
I go there for the deer
I go there for the possums
To see the cherry trees
And the crape myrtles blossom
I go for the sequoias
I go there for the pines
I go to see the purple flowers
Bloomin' on the vines
I go to see the cats
Sleepin' on my lawn
To hear the squirrels runnin'
Across my roof and

At night when it's dark
I walk in the park
Look in the lonesome cemetery
Where all the bones are buried
Some of them were born
In the late 1800s
Lived 10 or 20 years
How they died I wonder

How they died I wonder
How they died I wonder
How they died I wonder
How they died I wonder

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