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Find Me, Ruben Olivares

This song is by Mark Kozelek and appears…

Where I remember you clear
Meet me at night, St. Louis, Missouri
Where I first saw you

There is a scent that lingers around me
Find me wherever I go
There are the pictures, sad but so pretty
Lakes and sunsets

Find me asleep near deserts and oceans
Places I couldn't have dreamed
They are all cold and frozen without you
They are nothing

Chase me down Sycamore
Like you did not long before
Play your old brown guitar
And shine so bright

There is a trail that winds 'round the river
There is a bench on the ground
Those are the beds and the rooms that we slept in
Those are the songs we found

Find me in streets searching for something
Something somehow that I lost
Find me in life aching for someone
Someone as good

Look for me like you did
On the days I ran and hid
Bring your old gifts you brought
And find me

There is a world, big as a mountain
There is a world to be shared
Still there is love, tall as a mountain
Still there is love


Written by:

Mark Kozelek

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