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Bad Boy Boogie

This song is by Mark Kozelek and appears…

This song is a cover of "Bad Boy Boogie" by AC/DC.
And there was trouble brewing in my home town
It was the seventh day, I felt like Satan's son
And I scared the ghost out of everyone

They said stop and I said go
They said yes and I said no
They said fast and I said slow

Being bad ain't so bad
I've known more pretty women than most men had
So won't you all come along with me
And I'll show you how fun that bad can be

They said right and I said left
They said east and I said west
Oh, they said up and I said down

I tell you a story, it ain't no lie
I was born to love till the day I die
So you can line 'em up, I'll knock 'em down
Till they all come tumbling, tumbling down

They said up and I said down
They said sleep but I roam
Oh, they said lost and I said found


Written by:

Bon Scott, Angus Young, and Malcolm Young

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