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Pretty Girl Bullshit

This song is by Mario Winans and appears on the movie soundtrack Bad Boys II (2003) and on the album Hurt No More (2004).

Intro: Mario Winans, Foxy, Puffy
Oh baby, I can't live with you I can't live without you (yeah)
Live with you I can't live without you, babe (I like this)
Oh babe, oh I can't live with you I can't live without you babe
(Bad Boy baby!) (Bad Boy) (Uh, oh) (yeah, yeah! Let's go)

(Foxy Brown) (Puffy)
I hear duke boning Keisha, Tonya and Tiff (uh huh) (yeah)
Move ya bloodclot 'fore I cock the fifth! (uh huh)
Had a bitch in my '03 six
Had a hoe rockin' my red gold Cartier on my wrist, now
Think about it while the streets you roam
Fuck around, won't be shiiit in the crib when you get home
I roll with Sean Combs (uh huh), I'm in Caprice (that's right)
Jet ski, watching duke through the global phone (let's go)
Bad Boy come through in the toy (Bad Boy baby)
And I'm boning his boy, while he in the hood slinging up oi
Ooh (oh), y'all don't want a girl in Yves Saint Laurent
You'd rather fuck a hoe in a bullshit Gabann' (now) (yeah)
And what the fuck he on?
Stop your bloodclot crying 'fore these plates start flying (heh heh)
I'm a Bad girl, illest bitch grinding (Bad Girl)
Sean John Rolls hold chocolate diamonds, owww! (let's go, Mario)

(Mario Winans)
What am I to do, when you act a fool
Do I put on your shoes and act a fool like you
No baby that ain't cool, you ain't got a clue
What you had in me, too fine to see
And I don't really wanna be baby

(1 - Mario Winans)
What's the reason you want me
Girl the truth is you need me
First you say that you trust me
Then you go and betray me
Now I took all I can
And I know I'm a good man
God I wash my hands, make another plan
'Cause I don't really wanna stay baby

(Chorus: Mario Winans)
So if you wanna go, walk right out that door
'Cause I don't want no more, of your pretty girl bull-ish
If you wanna leave, it's okay with me
Matter of fact I'm begging please
Take your pretty girl bull

(Mario Winans)
Now this is number two, them chance I gave to you
You said it was the end, but here we go again
I thought I was a friend, not just another man
While holding hands, you don't understand
And I don't really get you baby


(Chorus) w/ ad libs

(Foxy Brown) (Puffy)
(Aiyyo, aiyyo Fox)
Now the tables dun turned and duke fell off (yeah)
But I'm stylin' you seen Fox cover the Source (you see it)
Y'all see the G5, y'all see me come through (yeah)
Verr' nice crib and a nurr' blue five (uh huh)
Y'all see the G4 (you see it, yeah)
Duke come out the hood, let me take you on a Tito borough tour (c'mon)
Y'all don't want a bitch in Juicy Couture (no you don't)
You'd rather fuck a hoe in a Reebok velour (haha)
But I'm a bad girl, whips to crashing (yeah, Bad Girl)
Y'all know how Fox do it with the Sean John fashion (that's right)
So tell me why you continue to lie (why)
I seen the bitch in the seven forty five L.I. now (uh huh)
Just tell me why I continue to try (uh huh)
Full of bullshit, he acting like a star can't cry (c'mon man)
He acting like I'm blind (what)
And how he doing this bullshit
Acting like I ain't get the nigga fly (let's go)

(Chorus) - repeat w/ ad libs to fade

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