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Track 99

This song is by Marilyn Manson and appears on the album Antichrist Superstar (1996).

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Go ahead and build a better messiah
We can dig another grave

This is your calling
If you are hearing this, there is nothing I can do
Something has grown in my chest
I have seen it
It is hard and cold
It has been dormant for many years
I have tried to save you
And I have come to save you
But this is what you deserve
This is what we deserve
This is something we have brought upon ourselves
I am not a victim, you are not a victim
I am unaffected, you are unaffected

God will grovel before me
God will crawl at my feet
These are the dying years
These are the dying years
When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you


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alternate song titles include, "Empty Sounds of Hate"; "Ghost Track", "Better Messiah", "Dying Years" or simply "Untitled"

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