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Got To Fly

This song is by Marian Call and appears on the album Got To Fly (2008).

Thank you for calling, leave me a message please
Tell me what day and what month and what year it is
'Cause I'm not here, no baby, I'm not home
The lights are on for sure, but baby the occupants have flown
I'll catch you later lo-ove, uh-oh, uh-goodbye
I got to fly, got to fly, I got to fly

Well I don't know how you got the stomach for reality when
You could go circle the stars, you wouldn't believe where I've been
Just this week I've made some freakishly fabulous finds
My corpse has been here but my mind's covered miles
I'm craving altitude so kindly step aside
I got to fly

I've seen such things
I've been tasting lights and touching voices
And you can't clip my wings
I'll be back to pay the bills but practicality may poison my joy
So let me go love, recognise
I got to fly
(I got to, got to, got to fly.)

Thank you for calling, leave me a detailed message please
Tell me what day and what month and what year it is
I'm gonna bring you back the goblet and the sword and the flower
I'm gonna mount a rescue love, gonna lay siege to the tower
I need adventure love so let me off this rock
Because I fully understand
The minute that I land

I got a trip I got to take
I got a call I got to make
I got a run I got to do
I got to follow up
I got to clean, I got to send
I got a file I got to get
I got to give
I got to go through that pile
I got a list, I got a note
I got a job, I got to vote
I got to read, I got to write
I got to get more sleep tonight
I got to go, I got a goal
I got to trim I got to be
I got to buy
I got to try to hit the gym
I got to pray, I got to think
I got to got to need a drink
I got to learn, I got a plan
I got to squeeze you in
I got a million miles to go
I got an endless row to hoe
So when I got time to blow
I got to got to got to

I've seen such things, you wouldn't believe it
I've been hearing shadows and smelling noises
And you can't clip my wings, in a metaphor sense
'Cause I can imagine a reality where all of my choices
Are meaningful, critical, beautiful, bold
It makes the waking world look so dead cold
Where consequences really proceed from our acts
Where the truth might for once line up with the facts
What a world, what a world
If I can imagine it so
Imagining must matter and that's why
I got to go
(Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go.)

Thank you for calling, I'll get back to you soon
If you should get a message from the dark side of the moon
You'll know that that's me, baby you'll know I'm there
The reception's lousy baby, but the view's beyond compare
So if you want to call shotgun on my rocket
Well, you ought to baby
Let's let's, baby let's let's let's
(I got to fly. I got to fly.)

We're gonna ditch the sad cynics saying we're all the same
Saying we got no really real adventures left to our name
And no love, and no truth
And no spark, and no mystery
But I got a ticket off this rock and I'm history

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