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Wherever Love Drops (Part Two)

This song is by Manfred Mann's Earth Band and appears on the album Soft Vengeance (1996).

I was walking auf der Heide
Got into some boggy parts
Squelch squelch
Fell into some footprints
Couldn't get out
But you never know "wo die Liebe hinfällt"
Wherever love drops it drops

Looking up I see this foot coming down
And from very high up a voice says
"Would you like my leg to climb up?"
My eye travels up this very well built leg
Listen to what happens next
And up a very short skirt
And I think "wo die Liebe hinfällt"
Wherever love drops it drops
Up, I climb up, I climb up, I climb up


Written by:

Manfred Mann, Russell Hoban and Anthony Moore

Translations from German

  • "auf der Heide" = "on the heath"
  • "wo die Liebe hinfällt" = "where love drops"

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