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  1. Circles
  2. Drowning on Dry Land
    Fish Soup
  3. Chicago Institute
  4. California
  5. Davy's on the Road Again
  6. Martha's Madman
  7. Mighty Quinn
Bonus tracks on 1998 CD reissue:
  1. California (single edit)
  2. Davy's on the Road Again (single edit)
  3. Bouillabaisse
  4. The Mighty Quinn (single edit)


  • Chris Hamlet Thompson: vocals, guitar
  • Dave Flett: lead guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Pat King: bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Chris Slade: drums, percussion
  • Manfred Mann: keyboards, backing vocals
  • Doreen & Irene Chanter, Stevie Lange, Victy Silva, Kim Goddy: backing vocals

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