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  1. Tribal Statistics
  2. Eyes of Nostradamus
  3. Third World Service
  4. Demolition Man
  5. Brothers and Sisters of Azania
  6. Africa Suite
    a) Brothers and Sisters of Africa
    b) To Bantustan?
    c) Koze Kobenini?
    d) Lalela
  7. Redemption Song (No Kwazulu)
  8. Somewhere in Africa
Bonus tracks on 1999 CD reissue:
  1. Wardream
  2. Redemption Song (single edit)
  3. Eyes of Nostradamus (single edit)
  4. Holiday's End
  5. Demolition Man (single edit)


  • Manfred Mann: keyboards
  • Matt Irving: bass & guitar MC4 programming
  • John Lingwood: drums & percussion
  • Steve Waller, Chris Thompson, Shona Laing: vocals
  • Chief Dawethi, Rufus Sefothuma, Fats Mothya, Jabu Mbalu, Zanty Lekau: African voices

Liner Notes

The City

Joseph tends the garden Malan's house.
On Friday evening, Mr Malan smokes his pipe and hands Joseph his pay packet.
They discuss the roses.
Mrs Malan has a parcel of nearly new clothes for him and his family.
The Malans' children play around the pool.
Joseph's wife and child are five hundred miles away in Kwazulu.
Joseph makes a cup of tea in the kitchen.
He takes it out to his concrete shed at the back of the house.
He sits on his steel bed.
It is the weekend.
Tonight he will get drunk in a shebeen.
It will be many months until he sees his family.
It has been many months.

Bantustan (Kwazulu, Bophuthatswana, etc., etc.)

Nelson, the son of Joseph, plays football with his friends.
Sometimes he pauses and gazes down the dirt road.
Today the bus will come??
Today his father will come??
Outside their hut, his mother pauses at her washing.
Raw calloused hands on hips, she gazes at her son.
She knows it will be many months until Joseph returns.
Nelson kicks the football, the bus forgotten for a while...


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