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  1. Lies (Through the 80's)
  2. On the Run
  3. For You
  4. Adolescent Dream
  5. Fritz the Blank (instrumental)
  6. Stranded
  7. Hello, I Am Your Heart
  8. No Guarantee
  9. Heart on the Street
Bonus tracks on the 1999 CD reissue:
  1. A Fool I Am
  2. Adolescent Dream (single edit)
  3. Lies (Through the 80's) (single edit)
  4. For You (single edit)



  • Manfred Mann: keyboards; lead vocals on "Adolescent Dream"
  • Steve Waller: guitar; lead vocals on "I Am Your Heart" & "A Fool I Am"
  • Pat King: bass & bass pedals
  • John Lingwood: drums
  • Trevor Rabin, Mick Rogers, Geoff Whitehorn, Robbie McIntosh: guitars
  • Chris Thompson: lead vocals on "Lies", "On the Run" & "For You"
  • Dyan Birch: lead vocals on "No Guarantee"
  • Willy Finlayson: lead vocals on "Heart on the Street"
  • Peter Marsh: lead vocals on "Stranded"
  • Carol Stocker: additional backing vocals
  • Barbara Thompson: saxophone

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