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The Desert

This song is by Malvina Reynolds and appears on the compilation album Malvina Reynolds (1971).

I sing of the desert,
The dirt is so clean,
The air is so fair.
The folks are not mean
'Cause there's no people there.

I sing of the desert,
The bushes are brave,
On the hot sandy plain
They root and survive
Without sprinkler or rain.

I sing of the desert,
The snakes and the toads,
They're used to the clime.
If they keep off the roads,
They live a long time.

I sing of the desert,
The nights are so clear,
The air is so still,
You can reach for a star
Whenever you will.

I sing of the desert,
It's ample and wide,
And that's where I'll stay,
And that's where I'll bide,
And that's where I'll hide,
Till the tide of the cities passes away.

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