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Sing Along

This song is by Malvina Reynolds and appears on the album Another County Heard From (1960).

I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I start to sing,
And when I'm at a microphone I shake like anything,
But if you'll sing along with me I'll holler right out loud,
'Cause I'm awf'ly nervous lonesome, but I'm swell when I'm a crowd.

Sing along, Sing along,
And just sing "la la la la la" if you don't know the song,
You'll quickly learn the music, you'll find yourself a word,
'Cause when we sing together we'll be heard.

Oh, when I need a raise in pay and have to ask my boss,
If I go see him by myself I'm just a total loss,
But if we go together I'll do my part right pretty,
'Cause I'm awf'ly nervous lonesome but I make a fine committee.

My congressman's important, he hobnobs with big biz,
He soon forgets the guys and gals who put him where he is.
I'll just write him a letter to tell him what I need,
With a hundred thousand signatures why even he can read.

Oh, life is full of problems, the world's a funny place,
I sometimes wonder why the heck I join'd the human race,
But when we work together, it all seems right and true,
I'm an awful nothing by myself but I'm okay with you.1

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