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One More Ride

This song is by Malvina Reynolds.

One more ride, one more ride,
One more ride in the flyin tide,
One more ride and then the bomb,
One more ride, one more ride.

Along the coast on a sunny day,
Surf boards ride the breaking spray,
Lean brown surfers in a line
Hit the water one more time.

Cars and wagons run and stop,
Pile of sticks are lashed on top,
Dozen surfers are piled inside
Hit the beach for one more ride.

Some bring babies, some bring beer,
Fill the cove from ear to ear,
Sand and water is their home,
One more ride and then the bomb.

Daily paper ran a spread,
Telling what the surfers said,
"There's a wipeout sure to come
So one more ride and then the bomb."

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