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Lambarene Time

This song is by Malvina Reynolds.

It's the time of Lambarene,
The good doctor had the answer,
Carry love, love into the wilderness,
Lambarene time.

It's the time to keep our brother,
To be helping one another,
Without thought of place or color,
Carry bread into the forest
And the milk of human kindness,
It's the one thing that can save us.

Will we praise his sweet devotion,
Then pit nation against nation
To an endless desolation,
Will we think of him with sorrow
And go on our way tomorrow,
Flushing children from the burrow.

We can dream we're starting over,
With a vision to discover
Of the loved one and the lover.
We have still a moment given
To be death and hatred driven,
Or, like him, the sons of heaven.

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