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This song is by Malvina Reynolds.

Flood! Flood! Flood!
The houses washed away,
The houses made of lumber,
That used to be a tree,
A tree that drank the rain up,
But now it's only wood,
The mountainsides are ravaged
And there's flood, flood, flood.

Flood! Flood! Flood!
The river's on a spree,
The soil from all the valleys
Is washing out to sea.
We think we own the forests,
To do with as we will,
But the vengeance of the heavens
Is falling on us still.

Flood, flood, flood,
The dams do little good,
They only flood the valleys
Where once the farmhouse stood.
Upon the just and unjust
The rain is falling free,
Upon the ravaged mountain
And the lumber company.

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