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Change It

This song is by Malvina Reynolds.

Change, change it,
We've got to change the system,
Change the system.
Make it over, turn it round,
Change it.

We got leaders, Brother, Brother,
Say one thing and they do another.

We got leaders, see for yourself,
Say one thing do something else.

Bring them to the judgment day,
You get busted, they go free.

System's driving us into the ground,
We got to turn the whole world round.

System's for money, that's the road
Down to hell with a heavy load.

Leaders supposed to be great and wise,
Can't see a thing, got money in their eyes.

Tactic, tactics, what do you say?
Got to keep trying till we find the way.

Sticks and stones will break my bones,
Got to win people's minds and souls.

Come out, come out, come out in the sun,
Two kinds of heads are better than one.

I say one thing, you say another,
Soon we've got it all together.

I say A, you say B,
Alphabet will set us free.

Many people have turned around,
Finding their way to the solid ground.

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