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All of the Above (2006)

  • As Judith de los Santos
Malukah - All Of The Above

All of the Above

  1. Fairytale
  2. High
  3. Happy
  4. Everything
  5. I Can't Make It Rain
  6. Hesitation
  7. Covered In Red
  8. Fear Front
  9. Homesick Insomniac
  10. Run

The Dragonborn Comes (2017)

Malukah - The Dragonborn Comes

The Dragonborn Comes

  1. Awake
  2. The Dragonborn Comes
  3. Age of Aggression
  4. Ragnar the Red
  5. Vokul Fen Mah
  6. Age of Oppression
  7. Tale of the Tongues
  8. The Dragonborn Comes (Extended Version)


Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Songs featuring Malukah

  1. Always Running by Kevin Sherwood
  2. Where Are We Going by Kevin Sherwood
  3. Archangel by Kevin Sherwood (featuring Elena Siegman and Clark S. Nova)

Other Songs

  1. Fear Not This Night
  2. Frozen Sleep
  3. Reignite

Additional information

Real name:

Malukah is a performance name for Judith de los Santos.

Years active:

  • 2006-present

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