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Bomb First

This song is by Makaveli, features E.D.I. and Young Noble and appears on the album The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory (1996).

In today's music news, the ever controversial Tupac Shakur has
Just released another album under the alias Makaveli
Music insiders are running wild trying to rearrange other artist
Street dates, in fear of a wipe out in retail inter chart movement

Although no one knows the exact cause of the new album
Resources tell me a number of less fortunate rappers
Have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character
Of not only Mr. Shakur but of Death Row records as well

Nas, the alleged ring leader of it, is furious at Tupac
Excuse me Makaveli's verbal assault
On Mobb Sleep, Notorious B.I.G. and several other New York rappers
Jay-Z of Hawaiian Soapy fame, Big Little whatever

And several other corny sounding motherfuckers
Are understandably shaken up by this release
The question everybody wants to know is
Why'd they get this nigga started?
Tupac, rather Makaveli was not available for comment
But released this statement

It's not about East or West
It's about niggaz and bitches
Power and money, riders and punks
Which side are you on?

Gun cocked, six shots, bullets hit ground

These niggaz is still fuckin' talkin'?
You nigga still breathin'?
Fuckin' roaches, aight
Aight, it's the Raid on you

All day
You punk muthafuckas
The shit nigga
Killuminati Style
Makaveli the Don
Solo shit

Bring It

Allow me to introduce first: Makaveli the Don
Hysterical, spiritual lyrics like the Holy Qur'an
Niggas get shook like 5-0 my .45 gun's
Next to me when we ride, for survival
Money-making plans, pistol close at hand, swollen pockets
Let me introduce the topic, then we drop it
Expose snakes 'cause they breath freely - see me ride?
Located world wide, like the art of graffiti
I think I'm tougher than Nitti, my attitude's shitty
Bolder than a dope-fiend's titty
And every city you'll find me, look for trouble right behind me
My Outlaw niggas down to die for me, nahmean?
I hit the scene, niggas ducking from my guillotine stare
I'm right there - my every word, a fucking nightmare
Get me high; let me see the sun rise and fall
This is for my dogs - down to die for y'all
Extreme venom - no mercy when we all up in 'em
Cut 'em down - to hell is where we send 'em
My whole team: trained to explode, ride or die
Murder motherfuckers lyrically, and I'm not gonna cry
Me - a born leader, never leave the block without my heater
Two big Pits, I call 'em Mobb Bitch-Nigga Eaters
And I don't whimper till I'm gone
Thug Life running through my veins, so I'm strong
Bye, bye, bye, let's get high and ride
O how do we do these niggas, but I'm not gonna cry
I'm a Bad Boy killer, Jay-Z die too
Looking out for Mobb Deep, nigga when I find you...
Weak motherfuckers don't deserve to breathe
How many niggas down to die for me, yay yay
West Coast rider, comin' right behind ya
Should have never fucked wit' me
I want money, hoes, sex and weed
I won't rest till my road-dog's free
Bomb first

We bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fore you die
We ain't even come to hurt nobody tonight
But it's my life or your life
And I'm 'a bomb first

We bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fore you die
We ain't even come to fight tonight
But it's my life or your life
And I'm 'a bomb first

(E.D.I. Mean)
For so many days and some many ways, we've been ducking strays
They deliver, but still we some Bad Boy killers
Got nothing to lose, I gots nowhere to go
I only got one home, see me stranded on Deathrow
With Outlawz, it's Makaveli, be the general
And I be a soldier on a mission, set to do what you'll never do
And that's ride for the cause, yes I'll die for the cause
Ya best believe if I leave this bitch I'm dying with choice
Kamikaze sicker than a motherfucking Nazi
Got a little question for that nigga that made Paparazzi
Tell me if you ain't in this rap game, for the motherfucking cash man
Then what is ya motherfucking purpose, none for service
E.D.I. Mean born worthless
That's until the day I decided to bomb first, biatch

(Young Noble)
Yer style wack as ever, like you was rocking patent leather
Cause a massive terror, y'all niggas lack, you ain't terrel
Half rapper, half drug kingpin, yer telling fairy-tales, son
King of New York like you the motherfucking one
But I'm from Jers we don't play that shit
From the Claire down to North Bricks, all my niggas flippin' chips
Getting rich, even though it's hard
Trying to creep through these halls abroad without scar by (?)
With no warnin' signs 'cause yo my man took five
Now I'm the young one with the nine ready to put in my time

Shoot first, look at their head burst, bleeding
Don't want to hear no shit this evening, believe me

We bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fore you die
G's and thug niggas on the rise
Plan, plot, strategize
And bomb first

We bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fore you die
G's and thug niggas on the rise
Plan, plot, strategize
And bomb first


Written by:

Mutah W. Beale; Rufus Lee Cooper; Darryl V. Harper; Tupac Amaru Shakur

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