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Not that kind a girl

This song is by Mai Kuraki and appears on the album FAIRY TALE (2002).

Don't you know I am not that kind a girl
Oh I yeah...

おとぎ話に出る シンデレラガール
12時過ぎたら Come back my home Forgive me
子供でも大人でもない 今の私を

背伸びをしてる 私がここにいるよ
臆病な心で 夢を見ては ガラスの靴を履く
Not that kind a girl

I'm sorry 振り向き時計気にしては
完璧求めて 意地を張るけれど
怖かった 傷つくの でも今は
君に会い 自分らしさ取り戻す
子供でも大人でもない 今の私が

君の瞳 いつも私がいるよ
明日になれば また君との一日で変われる
Not that kind a girl

Oh I... Please take me there
No need to ask baby Let's get things together
Look for starlight
Don't let me down
You're all that I need
'Don't let me down baby'

I don't think I'm afraid to take a new step one more
higher than what you are Give you all that I have
So come with me For me
You know I won't give it up 'Cause...
I'm not that kind a girl

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