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Stubborn Kind of Fellow

This song is by Magic Dick.

I tried to put my arms around you
Alll because I want to hold you tight
But every time I reach for you baby
Try to kiss you you just jump straight out of sight
I got news for you
I made plans for two
I'm just a stubborn kind of fellow
Got my mind made up to love you

I gonna love you
In every way
Gonna love
Inevery way

Of all the girls I've wanted
I needed just a moment with you I can repay
I know you heard about me, bad things about me
Please let me explain
I know I kissed a few
I tell you a few have kissed me too
I guess I'm just a stubborn kind of fella
Got my mind made up to love you


Written by:

William Stevenson; George Gordy; Marvin P Gaye

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