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Paint It Pink

This song is by Mad Happy and appears on the album Renegade Geeks (2005).

Paint the white house pink.
Keep it legal to think
Everybody's got the right
To live our own life.

Might be that you wanna be a New York slut,
Hollywood pimp,
Miami Beach jiggalo
Seen ya on the boulevard
Prancin' around,
Braggin about the good times you found.
I don't care if ya drink coca-cola,
Get fat or drive a Toyota Corola;
Everybody's gotta have
Som'n ta get in ta,
Whether in the ghetto or
En la hacienda
Deep in the jungle or in the inner city
Somebody will be the entertainment committee.
So worship the devil, Allah or Elegua,
Smoke a cigar or do tons of yoga
Paint brushed, rollers and ten thousand gallons of ink.
Paint the white house pink...

Why does paper money have to be dull green,
With pictures of presidents and old stone buildings?
Why not a spectrum of occupations,
Root cultures and orientations?
Why do inter-states have to be black beasts,
That devour by the hour with aluminum teeth?
We could make it automated, it could pull us along,
Houston to Cleveland, Maine to Tucson?
People try to label me an idealist when,
I don't even know what perfection is;
Just another fool manifesting a wish list,
Full of ideals that I can't resist.
Paint the white house pink...

Hypnotize the leaders of the new regime,
Help 'em realize the Martin Luther King dream
Unchain the unconscious brain,
When they come out, watch 'em rise up sane.
I have seen the future and it looks like rainbow.
Cupid took an arrow, sunk it into my vein so;
Fell in love with mother earth and keep fallin',
Deep and deeper; consider it a calling.

Take it home and keep it going.
We can be the people that can keep it going.

It's good. It's good.
It's gettin' better all the time

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