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Icicle Man

This song is by Mad Happy and appears on the album Renegade Geeks (2005).

Pain, horrible pain, insane,
That's all you're gonna get,
When you're in my game.
I dip into the fire with my left fist,
Ignitin' your desire like this.

If ya never came back, I might not notice.
I'm too busy, yeah ya know this.
Watch ya step, ya might not blow this

Horrible pain...

I was cooooold when I left here.
Coooold when I returned
Ya never shoulda let me back in ya life
Cause all ya ended up was burned by


Two characters to my left and right,
One's tellin' me wrong, one's tellin' me right.
Now, who ya gonna think, gonna win this fight,
Be the one in black or the one in white.
Two sides to every story.
That's the thing that's makin' me mad.
The gory and the glory.
So sad ya sad ya been had by...


To my black hole I'll suck you in,
Without you even noticing
'N' when ya come out the other end
Your gonna curse the day that you met this man.
Ask me if I care, I might say yes,
But if I tell you no, consider yourself blessed
Because the truth hurts,
But it ain't no worse than the ignorance ya call bliss.

Pain. Horrible, terrible disgusting What!?
I been rippin' from the start.
Awh, baby. Whoops. I'm sorry,
Was that your heart?

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